Volunteer with us

Sketch Design Volunteer Wanted! – Can you make nice, clear sketches? We need you!

Are you good drawing sketches either by pencil or by computer program? Are your sketches clear and detailed enough for all kinds of people to understand the subjects, system and message behind them? You would be given the task of sketching specific systems (dynamics) with varying degree of complexity.

The drawings are supposed to represent the project founder´s vision of today´s issues, and solutions for the present and the future. Topics of the sketches include human activities, environmental / social / economic issues and regeneration and a blueprint for a better system than today’s system. Although at your own spare time, we need a long-term, reliable commitment from you for a matter of consistency in style, but we do believe it will be, at the very least, intellectually rewarding.

If you love sketching, why not to use your skills to help a non-for-profit project develop towards wise, genuine, honest and regenerative solutions for the world? You can be referenced in the project plan and webpage if you are happy with it. Help our seeds grow wherever you are!

Civil Engineer Volunteer Wanted – Good practice for keen graduating students of Civil Engineering

Seeking engineer, ideally experienced in planning and designing ecological villages (with earth houses, straw-bale and wooden houses) in Italy.

The possibility of payment (pro-bonus) is not excluded, but it is not guaranteed! It depends entirely on the quantity and quality of resources found in the planning and construction of the ecovillage. The project is not for profit. Given the social / environmental benefits of the project, funds may become available over time.

A summary sketch of the ecovillage and site survey / directions will be provided on which to plan the ecovillage once the land is found. The selected user must make the professional sketch and demonstrate competence in applying it to the terrain (topography, construction and Italian legislation, etc.) of the ecovillage to minimize inconvenience with the authorities (bureaucratic and legal).

If you have experience and skills acquired in another region of Italy, it may do anyway. Only serious applicators, really committed, reliable and competent in the work involved. Thanks.

18 Hectares of land wanted (with Freshwater Source) in Calabria to build a fabulous Ecovillage

The ecovillage will include forest area, gardens, sustainable buildings, so a clean water source will be indispensable! 18 hectares of land which does not have excessively degraded conditions, although bare/grassy, clean land, as distant as possible from the coastal area (a matter of air and soil quality) would be ideal space. It would maximize the positive potential of this project.

To know about the type of ecovillage that I wish to develop, please read the “Welcome” and “Eco Logical” sections of this web-page. Bear in mind that the project will not be a lucrative business, but a not-for-profit project. So, if the land will be donated, the benefits of the project to the land donor can be discussed and formalized in accordance to the donor’s specific requirements, BEFORE acquisition of the land.

The objectives of the project are reaching a tangibly more sustainable, independent (e.g. NO DEBTS!) and a long-term dignifying money-less lifestyle… in a region in which it is well worth realizing it.

Please no time-wasters, but only truly interested people who wish to offer the land. Thank you!

EU Project Assessment/Selection Criteria! Can you volunteer to help us?

Do you have knowledge and/or experience in EU projects’ assessment and selection criteria? Would you spot strengths and weaknesses in a project plan? Would you be able to strengthen it and make it successful for funds? Would you volunteer for this noble cause?

… to develop a non-for-profit project (Ecovillage) in Calabria (Italy). It has the vision/mission of social and environmental sustainability through PERMACULTURE (ecological) & UBUNTU (moneyless) phylosophical principles. The project aims to local & global social/environmental benefits over time?

Don’t be shy and let us know.