About me

Since my birth on the 20th November 1979 (Messina, Italy) I have seen radical changes in the landscape and demographic distribution of my region (Calabria).

The more I saw Calabrian landscapes, culture and nature being degraded by mindless unsustainable development the worse I felt inside. I realised that my life would make a lot more sense if I contributed towards a sustainable, habitat-regenerative development work.

It was not formal education to have inspired my inner enlightenment, but informal and non-formal education, through my vocational training and exploration of the world through my own sensitivity. The rigidity and limitations of standard assessment methods in formal education was not helping me express my positive potential.

Since 2014 I decided to work on my vision that a money-less, eco-sophical, holistic society is a happier society with much higher potential prosperity and development. Putting back real ethical values at the center of our life and no more thin air from the computers of a bank.

LANGUAGES (European CV self-evaluation criteria)

Italian (mothertongue)
English (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)


09/2010-06/2014: BSc Degree in Ecological and Environmental Science / University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

09/2005-06/2008: BSc Degree in Tropical Environmental Science / University of Aberdeen (Scotland)

07/2007-09/2007: Stage on Sustainable Forest Management / UMBRAPA Brazil + University of Aberdeen (Scotland)


06/2018-06/2018: Training for Trainers – S.O.S. Solutions / Youth Worker Training: upcycling items and leading team-building recreational activities / Alsótold (Hungary)

09/2017-10/2017: Youthpass – Think Like Nature / Erasmus + / Exploring and analysing alternative community lifestyles / Barcelona (Spain)

07/2017: Youthpass – Limits Of Our Planet / Erasmus + / Upcycled ideas and procedures; team-building recreational exercise / Ružomberok (Slovakia)

05/2017: SuperAdobe Earthdome building training / Vide Terra SuperAdobe Italia: building a sustainable and antiseismic cob earh-building / Paterno Calabro (Italy)

04/2015: Yurth-Home Building Course / Wendy’s Yurts / Pathhead (Scotland)

01/2015-06/2015: Permaculture Design Course (Certificate) / Permaculture Association UK / Edinburgh (Scotland)

03/2010: Wilderness First Aid / Aberdeen (Scotland)


Documentation on environmentally sustainable lifestyle options and impact (video and paper editorials). Reading for instance “Terra Nuova” and occasionally “Ethical Consumer” magazines.

Initiated and Sole Admin of Facebook Group “Slateford Free-Share” (Slateford: Edinburgh district), moneyless share of items and services. Now counting over 1600 participants!


03/2003: Environmental Volunteer: beach and nature reserve cleaning / “Enamorate de mi” program / Gran Canaria (Spain)


04/2021: Online GEN Ecovillages Summit 2021

09/2015: International Conference and Convergence on Permaculture / London (England)

06/2013: Conference on Communal Pathways to Sustainable Living / Findhorn Ecovillage (Global Ecovillage Network) / Forres (Scotland)

08/2011: Outdoors Skillshare for public awareness on carbon-fossil-free living / Coal Action for Scotland / Edinburgh (Scotland)