Welcome to my web-page. My name is Fabio, I am Italian, but now I am living in Germany. My life mission is working on a small-scale contribution (project) of how I wish the world to be. This mission includes the ambitious, but achievable targets of living an environmentally sustainable and eventually money-less lifestyle.
This will inevitably need a holistic approach, which I am happy to develop along. You can’t cure pollution-driven headache while you’re exposed to that pollution; or cancer, while you’re exposed to the causes of the cancer. So the more ecologically you live, the best for yourself and your environment it is.

The ecovillage “Dea Verde” will be developed in Calabria, in the deep south of Italy, because it is my home region and because my experience exploring this region taught me that it has great potential in living of nature’s almost free gifts. Especially elders are populating the region at the moment, from which a lot of manual work techniques and tools can be gained to keep life at the ecovillage as self-sufficient as possible. The ecovillage name means translated “Green Goddess”, which also is the name of a fireservice hose: Calabria is rather hot and dry. The project is intended to be like a green goddess regenerating abused land by reckless human activities.

After having worked on the project’s main points and sections, I now need volunteer professionals (carpenter, horticologist, vegan cook…), including an Engineer, a Lawyer with expertise in tributary
law and ONLUS operate and people experienced and/or interested in ecovillage living and organization. Of course all volunteers must understand and always bear in mind the non-for-profit nature and ecological principles of the project. If you’re happy to somehow voluntarily contribute to this mission, please get in contact.

My vision is the construction of a self-sufficient community to create a lower impact than through today’s conventional lifestyle by following permaculture, holistic and UBUNTU ecological philosophies.

The purpose of this homepage is to communicate the idea of this project, its step by step development and share it with whoever cares enough to know about it.